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By filling in this short form you are confirming that you meet our criteria to become a member of one or more of our slack communities. The purpose of this short questionnaire is to ensure only journalists are included.

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    Terms and Conditions

    The slack channels we are creating are for use by journalists who fall into one or more of the following five categories:

    1/ Working full-time in the editorial team of a media organisation (print, broadcast or online) with at least two years experience in the profession.

    2/ A full-time student either working as an intern or studying journalism.

    3/ A retired journalist with at least five years experience in the business before retiring.

    4/ A freelance journalist whose main income is from independent journalism paid for by news media clients.

    5/ A photographer, graphic designer or videographer whose main income is from editorial work paid for by news media clients.

    You are not eligible to join if you are mainly working in PR, marketing or lobbying in any form. You are not eligible to join if you are only a blogger or an influencer.

    This site is a forum for professional journalists to share news with colleagues.

    All information shared in this community should be regarded as off-the-record, unless permission is obtained to republish outside of the community from the poster.

    This forum is intended to look for new ways for journalists and publishers to work together. Members are welcome to share experiences in dealing with publishers but it is not a forum to agitate against publishers. If the deal offered by a commissioning editor is not acceptable, don’t work for them.

    We want to bring publishers and journalists together for the benefit of both through dialogue, not conflict, and to explore new possibilities of working together.