Become A Publishing Partner In Our Independent Freelance Reporting Network.

If you are a professional media group interested in working with us, we currently have two opportunities.

Firstly, we are looking for publishers that are prepared to develop new relationships with freelance journalists beyond the current basic model of the provision of an article compensated by a single fixed payment. We are interested in gathering feedback from media partners on some of the other possibilities that might be an option to compensate freelance reporters for their work, and which do not compromise our strict adhesion to the policy of only producing independent news. If you contact us, we would be interested in learning what sort of content you want to publish, and in developing a relationship that provides that content in a way that benefits both sides.

Secondly, we also offer a free service for the distribution of high quality exclusive content to our media partners from professional media sources. We ensure you get accreditation and attribution for your exclusive content by those that republish your news. To do this we rewrite your content into our own version. We will carry out independent verification at our news editor’s discretion. Any pictures or video for illustrative purposes must be provided as free for editorial use only. We in exchange guarantee that it will be not used for any purpose other than illustrating your news, and will include a live link to your report.

To find out more use our contact page ( or download the attached PDF which has more information and use the email included at the end of the document.