The Fourth Estate Alliance is a not-for-profit NGO set up to promote independent freelance journalism by connecting editorial professionals directly with publishers.

At the Fourth Estate Alliance (T4) separation between journalism and public relations is at the heart of what we do. Commercial interests play no part in the creation of our content.

Bad journalism is bad for everyone. We verify existing news to maintain the integrity of the news landscape, we verify news sources, and we verify journalists. Alongside this, as an independent reporters’ network, our members produce their own original content to further enrich the news landscape.

Our freelancers are organised together into agencies based around geographical locations or subject areas, each with their own virtual newsrooms. The teams then work together to produce content that is fed into a targeted distribution network. This maximises the potential for publication, and saves time for busy desk editors.

The software we use was originally developed in the late 1990s by a NAPA (National Association of Press Agencies) accredited news agency for content distribution. It has been modified over two decades to ensure content is delivered directly to the news queues of local, national and international media institutions.