Building Trust And Credibility In A  Fractured Media Landscape

In the UK, 300 local newspapers have closed and the number of frontline print journalists has fallen by 6,000 in the past decade. In the US, the number of newspaper jobs has fallen by a quarter in the last decade, despite the growth of online newsrooms.

Our aim is to fill that vacuum with the creation of an independent reporters’ network, the Fourth Estate Alliance. Journalists work together to form agencies with access to our network, contacts and resources in exchange for following our code of conduct. That code includes no PR in our work. The only people paying for what we write are our media partners. Bad journalism is bad for everyone, and we tackle it by building teams that produce original content and verify existing news to maintain the integrity of the news landscape in which we exist. We not only guarantee the news we distribute, we also verify the media that are news sources, and we accredit journalists, ensuring professional standards across the board.

As a non-profit NGO, we also offer access to our T4 software to help our members move away from multitasking back to the model where individuals specialise in roles so as to produces a higher standard of content. It means having qualified individuals responsible for specific areas in the production of news, with up to 11 people at a time working together on a single news item to ensure a professional product.

T4 For Publishers

Independent and high-quality journalism is vital for a healthy society. We integrate news items, those creating independent news content and those publishing it into a single project, and we are looking for publishing partners for our network.

All content is sent with metadata tags and a news ranking to ensure targeted distribution. Exclusive and non-exclusive content is available in tailored packages to suit individual media partners.

T4 For Journalists

Our project guarantees a professional standard from those working in the freelance journalism profession, and recognises that the best reporting cannot be done in isolation. It needs teamwork involving experience journalists working to the highest standards of the profession.

We want a return to basics, with professional journalists writing about the subjects they care about, and putting the spotlight on the subjects that matter.

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Project Idea And Founder Michael Leidig

Journalist Michael Leidig was a winner of the Paul Foot award in 2006 for his work on the trafficking in women for the Sunday Telegraph. He is the vice chairman of the National Association of Press Agencies and owner of the press agency Central European News.